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    Come on everyone, put your hand in your pockets. We all applauded Ken’s actions and it is terrible that he should have to cop this. I gave him $500. If I’ve got this right, if just 290 people gave $10, the debt would be cleared — 2-3 cups of coffee!

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    Simon, happy to give my 3 cups of coffee, but how do I do it?

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    Ken Harvey

    Two key messages seem to have been lost in the above; first, donations HAVE covered ALL my legal fees incurred in the NSW Supreme Court Case and second, Marcus Blackburn Lawyers are defending me pro bono in the Queensland Supreme Court Case.

    In addition, Federal Court orders sought by the ACCC have frozen more bank accounts of people involved in this scam prior to the case being heard by Federal Court, see link above.

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    Great stuff, now for the ‘alternative’ medicine ttouts.

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    Mary Osborn

    Ken is one of the most couragous advocates for truth and transparency in public health and his battle against SensaSlim should be used as a model for anyone trying to improve quality use of medicines.


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