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    The problem is this puts “health fashion” before “health evidence”, and expedience before measured approaches – have we not learned the health lessons of a burgeoning MBS?
    Whilst the “push for pharmacists” in General Practice may have some logical foundations, there is little research to support that this has led to improved healthcare. The AMA / PSA proposal for pharmacist in GP proposal is severely flawed. There is simply no evidence that Pharmacists can prevent hospital admissions, let alone to the extent AMA suggested in its economic proposal.
    I do not think many have realistically worked through the AMA model to determine its merits.
    The time is for robust clinical research. This is being organised by Government and related bodies at a National level. Primary Health care Networks who rush into this area with “trials”, which are little more than funding excursions, do little to forward the formation of evidence based health care and arguably represent a waste of tax payers money through PHNs.


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