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    David Hill

    Big Pharma is just a corrupt and criminal activity when you delve into them. As an example of 1000s of corrupt practices, in the early stages of the Swine Flu pandemic the vast majority of Vietnamese doctors who were at that time working at the ‘coal-face’ stated that Tamiflu was ‘USELESS’, but where the industry said at the time that the treatment was near to a wonder drug. The Vietnamese should have known also as they were fighting the killer virus more than most at the time. But Big Pharma never learns and is basically a law unto themselves, always taking and not giving back in return to the vast majority of humanity (but giving back plenty to their rich shareholders and executives and that’s all that counts –

    The big problem also is that because the industry is an annual US$ 1 Trillion+ industry, our politicians back them in everything that they do behind closed doors. And that’s the biggest problem of all to get over if it ever can.

    Dr David Hill
    World Innovation Foundation


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