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    Again, it’s hard to know what and who to believe.

    My GP (who I like) wanted me to have a test. I don’t have private health insurance so went to a day clinic. The preparation I had to do at home made me quite sick but I fronted up for the test anyway. Because the preparation was not ideal the test did not reveal much. What was done made me ill for ten days.

    The cost of the test was billed to Medicare. I lost a few days work, one to have the test, and two to recover from it. The following 8 days were uncomfortable but I went to work, performing below my best.

    The day clinic does nothing by gastroscopies and colonoscopies. It’s a production line. There might be at least 10 of these things done every day. Most of them would be Medicare billed. I still had to pay $80 for one test and $100 for the other.

    There doctors and nurses there but the person who explained what I had to do for the colonoscopy was a non-medical business manager 🙂

    My GP still wants me to have the test and has referred me to a public hospital. I have to wait two months for an appointment.

    I don’t want the test. Another set of intrusive procedures. A whole lot more blood tests, no doubt. Had all those and three ultrasounds. The first gastroscopy let me know what the issue was and I can manage that with a change of habits – pretty sure of that – and doing it already.

    I now have two months to change some habits and regain control of my own health and body. Will make every minute of that time count.


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