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So happy to be creating and coding for such a dedicated, professional and good-humored team.

Mitchell Ward Artistic Director of Rock Lily Design and Croakey August 19, 2015

Croakey is a must for anybody looking to stay on the cutting edge of health news.

Alison Verhoeven Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association August 19, 2015

Croakey cuts through health care professional and organisational interests with edgy critiques about the diverse communities they are there for. In other words, you call BS on those with self interest.

Jason Trethowan CEO PHN Western Victoria August 19, 2015

One of my favourite things about Croakey is the active engagement of so many people with a passion for equity and public health.

Melissa Sweet public health journalist, Croakey founder, PhD candidate August 19, 2015

Croakey  - it’s a constant in my life. It’s my first ‘go to’ place on the web. It changed how I viewed news. It took expressing an opinion to a new level. I love the way Croakey pulls out something new or puts a different twist on an old idea. The diversity of authors and timeliness of posts are very much appreciated. Bring me more of this!

Dr Melissa Stoneham Deputy Director, Public Health Advocacy Institute WA
 August 19, 2015

If you work in the health area – and especially if you are a policy wonk, a political nerd, or a news fiend – then Croakey Blog is an essential component of your life. Croakey Blog and @Croakey tweets keep me informed about a wide range of health issues – the impact of budget cuts, new policy announcements and publications, expert opinions and commentary, and what’s being talked about at the conferences I’m unable to attend. I appreciate the timeliness, the broad scope of issues covered, and the breadth of expertise involved. And I particularly appreciate the strong commitment to social justice and tackling Indigenous disadvantage. I’m looking forward to the revamped and relaunched Croakey!

Lesley Russell Adj Assoc Professor at Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney, Visiting Fellow, Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, Australian National University August 19, 2015

Croakey - Australia's healthiest news-site!

Former MP, Rob Oakeshott August 19, 2015

Croakey - like a sore throat spreading amongst friends - helps to spread healthy ideas rapidly through the blog and the Twittersphere.  Thank you Croakey.

Michael Moore Public Health Association of Australia August 19, 2015

Croakey has pioneered an unprecedented role in providing an open forum for the revelation and exchange of thinking on health in Australia. Thanks to the indefatigable Croakey team, we have a place where players from all corners of health can share ideas, news and commentary.

Mark Metherell health journalist, CHF August 19, 2015

I love the context and clarity that Croakey's contributors bring to very complex issues. And the merch.

Marie McInerney journalist, editor, Croakey moderator August 19, 2015

Croakey allows for independent voices to resonate in and through virtual time and space. Real people, real voices, real issues with independent oomph – that’s Croakey. Time and again I go to Croakey to understand the politics behind public health because Croakey sorts the wheat from the chaff. There is just one mob of journos to trust with my voice, and it’s the Croakey mob. In the surreal and disconnected world of academia I go to Croakey to get grounded in the real issues.

Dr Mark Lock Research Fellow, The University of Newcastle August 19, 2015

Croakey has served splendidly as an independent voice in the health policy arena.  It provided a forum for people with ideas and passion about health, especially from a social perspective and policy position, but always with humane concern can find a home.  We wish the re-platformed Croakey every success.

Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder The University of Sydney August 19, 2015

Croakey provides snappy, expert views on the whole spectrum of public health issues, from equity to efficiency, from determinants to prevention to management. A one-stop shop to catch up on pet issues, and discover and adopt new ones.

Professor Jon Karnon School of Population Health, University of Adelaide; President of the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand August 19, 2015

Croakey is health media rather than medical media. You should be reading it every day if you're interested in health services or population health.

Ben Harris-Roxas ZEST Health Strategies August 19, 2015

From a crowded inbox, Croakey always leaps to my attention. It delivers views and information on a wide range of issues of relevance to rural and remote health and wellbeing.

Gordon Gregory National Rural Health Alliance August 19, 2015

Croakey provides an informed voice to the health, equity and environmental debates, and is helping mobilise the necessary political and popular support for a radical break from the complacent and compartmentalized attitude that still dominates much of the political agenda.

Professor Sharon Friel Director and Professor of Health Equity Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet), Director, Menzies Centre for Health Policy, The Australian National University August 19, 2015

Croakey is now well established as compulsory reading for influencers and observers in health and medicine in Australia and internationally – and rightly so. As a blog, it gives voice to people who support or oppose government health and social policy. It allows people to express their views and opinions openly, passionately, and freely – from all perspectives. More importantly, Croakey provides a forum for new ideas and new thinking – based on experiences at the frontline of health service delivery – which we can only hope find their way into future health policy to provide better health services to the Australian community.

John Flannery Public Affairs Director, Australian Medical Association August 19, 2015

Croakey has been a platform which has encouraged Aboriginal voice and actively sought it out. I started out as a reader, then followed on Twitter, was a guest tweeter on @WePublic health, and have become a contributor. The more I got involved, the more I realised what an unique platform Croakey is, because of the way it challenges mainstream media.

Summer May Finlay Yorta Yorta woman, public health practitioner, PhD candidate, #Just Justice team member, Croakey contributor August 19, 2015

Croakey is terrific. Thought provoking, well researched information….and easy to read.  A great combination.

Professor Kate Conigrave Professor
Addiction Medicine, The University of Sydney August 19, 2015

Croakey is an important part of the health landscape providing progressive, current and incisive commentary.

Professor Fran Baum Professor of Public Health, Flinders University August 19, 2015

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