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If news doesn’t make you squirm it’s simply propaganda. Croakey’s unique blend of activism, humour and plain good reporting makes it an essential - if not always comfortable - read!

Professor Virginia Barbour Executive Officer, Australian Open Access Support Group, Chair, COPE, Professor, School of Medicine, Griffith University August 19, 2015

Croakey not only gives me up to date information on contemporary health issues, but allows me to send my health information across Australia in an instant. It is also the perfect vehicle for starting peoples’ movements, engaging with Indigenous peoples and our issues, and building a community that has at its basis a desire to make positive change happen. It is polite and political, informative and inspiring. Active engagement is what Croakey does – and I like it!

Professor Kerry Arabena Chair of Indigenous Health, The University of Melbourne August 19, 2015

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