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    You wonder why the Science profession is under attack?
    It’s these letters….
    Scientists are crossing the line into political activism, instead of researching and advising.
    So its no surprise that politicians, especially from the right, are responding with political counter attacks…reducing funding and ignoring the data, believing it to be biased.
    To the scientists, I would say; Just shut up and do your research. Let others do the politics.

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    Stuart Coyle

    Scott, the J’Acccuse letter is signed not only by some who may be scientists they include
    judges, professors of law, QC as well as doctors. All experts in various fields, unlike our current batch of politicians who seem to be experts only in ignoring facts.

    Is it enough for scientists to find out what the facts are and then to sit idly by while
    those in power do all they can to ignore those facts? I think that it is not.

    It is the responsibility of an expert in a field to speak up. If experts do not speak up and make the facts known, then , when the shit hits the fan the ignoramuses in power always can fall back to the excuse “but we didn’t know” or “nobody told us”.

    If the politicians do not like the facts presented to them they are mistaken in attributing the discrepancy between their world view and the real world as shown by those facts to an error in the data given to them. It is their world view that is wrong and needs adjusting. Unfortunately on all sides of politics we have people who are too invested in various delusions and would rather go on blindly believing fantasies than do what scientists routinely do, that is: change their beliefs based on the evidence given to them.

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    Oh, and on the abortion/breast cancer link..

    Nulliparity, or not having children, is an established indicator of a higher risk of having breast cancer.

    What Eric should have said is the decision to not have kids (either through abortion or the pill) could be regarded as a lifestyle decision that could lead to a slightly higher risk of breast cancer.

    I’m sure there still would have been screams from the masses (a right wing male commenting on women’s dare he!), however, he would have been on firmer ground from a medical and scientific standpoint.


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