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    Vic Cherikoff

    I totally agree that biomedical research to date has done little to nothing for the health of the wider community. We are more obese, more prone to nutritional diseases and in the main, are only offered symptomatic relief and zero cures.

    If war economies are the most efficient and times when certain interest groups become very wealthy, then the health industry’s war on obesity, war on mental health, war on ageing, war on cancer (take your pick) or war on (insert your favourite disease) is an efficient way of employing the social networkers, event managers and others engaged in maintaining the group. No one (apart from the ill) wants a cure. In the NT, for every Indigenous Australian on welfare there are 5 whites employed in support and related services.

    The answer is really simple. Plant-based diets with a wild food supplement which will provide the micronutrients missing from farmed food. Just 2 to 4 weeks on this plan and blood pressure is normalized, blood glucose response too. Type 2 diabetes symptoms are gone and the condition cured. Lots more happens as the diseases of nutrition disappear in the same way as they were never there in hunter gatherers depending on wild food resources.

    It is mass produced ‘food’ which is the problem and one which biomedical research cannot fix. Forget gene fiddling or stem cell repair of faulty biochemistry. We just need better food to eat and less money poured into pharmaceutical company coffers and research project budgets.

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    Hamish Robertson

    Not to mention the ‘vitamins’ industry and related sectors that are essentially compensatory for our industrialised food culture.


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