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    Doctor Whom

    Dear Ms Croakey – I’d be more interested to hear how you actually manage to tweet and use it usefully and I hope gracefully.

    My efforts so far made me abandon it a year ago. It’s just too noisy and random.

    Can you really use it usefully?
    How is it better then RSS or email updates?
    How can you filter into folders or organise it?

    and so on….

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    Doctor Whom

    and teaching doctors how to become journos…wtf?
    More press releases about cancer cures?

    Wouldn’t it be more useful to teach journos how to become doctors – keep them off the streets at least..

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    Dear Dr Whom
    As you may have gathered, I’m a bit of a luddite so I wouldn’t say I”m using Twitter to its fullest extent. But I do find it the most wonderful source. For my purposes, I think it’s all about who you follow, aligning the credible sources with your interests. I think it’s more efficient than the options you mention – I only need to look at one screen to check all the latest news from my preferred sources. For eg, I no longer have to open email alerts from BMJ etc so it reduces my email intray. I think it’s also expanding Croakey’s reach. I am hoping to get a real social media guru (not a pretender like myself) to write about the potential for the health stay tuned.

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    re doctors as journalists, there are quite a lot of them already, not to mention those doctors who aren’t actually journalists but do a good job of investigating and holding their own profession accountable in various ways. And didn’t you hear the quip that only the independently wealthy will be able to afford to be journalists in the future…

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    Ben Harris-Roxas

    I’d be interested in a piece on using social media media effectively within the health sphere. I’ve found Twitter quite useful on a number of fronts – far more so than alleged professionally-oriented social media tools like LinkedIn. It’s reduced my RSS/email load, lists are quite good, there’s a readily available advisory pool (mercifully limited to 140 characters!) and it’s been a useful way for me to get through to actual people rather than buried in an email inbox or an unreturned voicemail. That being said, it’s far from perfect and requires discipline to not just become another time sink. Depends what you want to do with it.

    And @Doctor Whom – I’ve come across at least half a dozen doctors who used to be journos, but hardly any crossing the River Styx in the other direction 🙂


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