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    greg nazvanov

    Maybe there is a correlation between indigenous health, disability and financial education/financial literacy? I am yet to see the budget allocation to assist this worsening situation Financial advisor

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    more self-interested ‘smoke & mirrors’ bullshit about vaccinations! whooping vaccination rates are their highest level and yet whooping cough is on the increase.

    and while i am at it, can someone explain to me, somethng very very simple. WHY, if vaccinations were at all effective, WHY parents, whipped on by the medical and pharma lobby, should be at all worried about people and children who chose not to get vaccinated???

    funny hey?? all this talk about how non-vaccinated children can spread disease. hmmm, doesn’t that mean that vaccinations are NOT effective??

    either they are effective, and so they are at no risk; or they are ineffective and they REMAIN at risk (indeed higher risk due to the detrimental effects of the vaccine).

    in fact vaccines, like the current and possibly related fetish for super cleanliness, REDUCE immune function

    (and, the direct side effects of vaccine and the medium (carrier) used actually increase sickness and disease, which are, most often, long term or permanent detrimental health effects)

    to borrow an apt expression that has been passed down in many forms. “WHO BENEFITS? (cui bono)” or “FOLLOW THE MONEY!” (as opposed to “Cherez (sic) la femme.” 🙂


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