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    Peter Ormonde

    The sugar and fat industry is a big – shall we say obsese – opponent.

    The report on the commercial TV last night about this issue followed an ad for a burger joint.

    But it’s all about deposits and withdrawals isn’t it? How much one shovels in and how much one burns off.

    A simple idea: A public campaign … somewhere between the Slip, Slop, Slap and the Occupy mob… the core message: turn off the TV for meals. Eat sitting up. Talk to the kids. Go for a walk. Throw a ball. Take up family armwrestling.

    One half hour – once a week for a start. See if it catches on.

    Might get people up off the sofas eventually. Might also help with the “family experience” and what we like to call mental health.

    Would also carve a really nice chunk out of the audience for Today Tonight, A Currant Affair and whatever the things are called.

    Win Win Win!


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