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    “then doctors in particular will prefer to perform more of their work in the private system, reducing their availability to the public sector”

    You need to realise that this isn’t 1950 with wealthy specialists swanning into the public hospital for charity! Incomes in the public sector for medical specialists are very high. I don’t like the office politics in public hospitals so I wouldn’t want to work there. But if you take my gross billings and apportion amounts for annual leave, sick leave, conference leave, continuing education allowances, non-clinical time, then look at rent and salaries for my staff, I would take more home per hour in a public hospital than in my private practice. My costs are what they are based on practice expenses and wouldn’t change much if the rebate went; maybe 10%. I don’t think it would make much difference to the doctors but would be painful for the people just managing to hold onto insurance, there are surprisingly many pensioners in that boat.


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