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    Doctor Whom

    Sadly in my experience scratching some of the home birth advocates reveals anti vax, “positive thinking” and alt medicine believers.

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    Hop back into the Tardis Doctor Whom and head back to the time you came from, maybe around the Spanish inquisition???

    I’m pretty sure “positive thinking” is not a crime in this time space continuum.

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    Justine Caines

    Yes interesting. Purely anecdotally (which can never be relied on I know!) the health of women and babies who maximise their health through homebirth is considerably higher than those who join the surgery merry-go-round, cut, drugged out with babies who often don’t breastfeed and then become an impost on the health system. Wonder what kind of thinking that is? Oh it’s not thinking, that’s right it’s blind faith in Dr knows best and makes a packet on the way.


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