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    Norman Hanscombe

    Dr Chelsea Bond may believe it was “inflicted” with a “new paternalism” by both Coalition and Labor Federal Governments, but it clearly helped, for example, indigenous women, and the idea has since been seen as relevant to other disadvantaged members of society, even if she can’t understand its benefits.
    Intelligent observers understand that almost any change can have, as Warren Mundine said, have “winners” and “losers”; but if that became the bar for new policies, there’d be few meaningful reforms ever introduced. Even moderately bright primary school students are capable of understanding that.
    As for her concern that, “The other less reported ‘new reform’ under the IAS introduced last year has been the requirement for indigenous organisations receiving “grants of $500,000 or more in a single financial year from funding administered by the Indigenous Affairs portfolio to incorporate under Commonwealth legislation under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006”, unless she’s been on another planet she should understand that this is because it’s important to minimise the possibility of corrupt bureaucrats diverting moneys to their own personal ends.
    I assume the writer and her friends don’t fit into that category, so it shouldn’t cause them any problems, should it.


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