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    Norman Hanscombe

    Apparently those UNSW ‘academics’ don’t understand that quite apart from the fact their closeted comfortable lives are possible because of our exports, there’s no basis for dreaming the actions proposed would have any significant effect on the planet’s greenhouse levels.
    Of course whatever “status quo” they have in mind isn’t going to last. That’s what happens to all status quos; but surely non sequiturs shouldn’t be so popular with academics?
    As for their quaint claim to some “unique position to understand” anything, serious doubts are cast on this by their failure to realise that Al Gore’s claim “the islands of our Pacific neighbours are being claimed by rising sea levels” is nonsense. How this ‘talented’ group doesn’t know that while sea levels are rising on some islands, neighbouring islands are seeing sea levels fall. If such a large and impressive group didn’t have at least one member who knows about this and why it happens, thay certainly ARE a unique group.
    Unless they were campaigning to convince the public that too much money is being spent in at least some parts of ‘academia”, they haven’t performed well.


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