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    Tim Wright

    The Labor Party has sold out on nuclear non-proliferation. Thanks, Margaret, for pointing out why this deal is disastrous from a peace and global health perspective. Nuclear war is the greatest preventable health catastrophe. Instead of making a nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan more likely, Australia should be investing diplomatic effort in defusing tensions between these two foes.

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    All good to raise the risks of weapons, but the other health risks are a bit overblown.

    Nuclear power is a public health success. In India it will displace coal, and therefore will save thousands of lives a year, including Australian coal miners who also have hugely increased rates of lung cancer.

    Each year 70000 people die in the USA alone due to coal fired power. Even being very generous over the entire life of nuclear power in the world, you could get nowhere near that number. And that is 60+yrs over the whole world, vs 1 yr in 1 country.

    If you ignore weapons risks (not saying you should) the public health is served by going nuclear over coal, not the other way around. I think it is a bit unfair to paint this as a public health disaster.

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    michael l

    Denying the emerging middle classes in India access to power and therefore access to something resembling modern standards of living is a far greater health problem than what the good doctor has stated here.

    Not that they wont get that any way they can, I’ll point out that Indian companies now own the bulk of active coal mines down here in Wollongong and they exclusively ship coal to the subcontinent, explicitly export to Indian power stations.


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