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    Excellent article and most timely. Australians are not able to access information on cost and quality of health services, that other countries take for granted.

    Where is the Dr Foster site for Australia, offering an intelligent analysis of different hospitals, so patients can make more informed choices? It doesn’t exist. Where is the Best Hospitals ratings, so Australian patients can see how doctors across the country rate different hospital’s services? It doesn’t exist. What about the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence site that sets out best practice clinical guidelines, so Australians can see how medical treatments should actually be conducted? It doesn’t exist.

    Instead we have politicians peddling promises of still more acute hospital beds. What about expanding palliative care services (seeing as 40% of patients in ED are in the last year of their life)? What about more Federal funding for aged care beds to prevent money being wasted on State hospitals ‘bed block’?

    In a country where one third of hospital beds are now private, where 18% of all health funding is out of pocket, where out of pocket costs are now third highest in the world and the recent Senate Enquiry into out of pocket medical costs found some private patients were being bankrupt by unexpected costs, what about a public discloser of Australian politicians vested interested in private health services?

    And after studies showed that 10% of Australian medical records contained inaccurate data, what about introducing ‘Open Notes’ software to Australian health services

    Finally, what about raising the profile of Australia’s vibrant Startup Health Tech movement

    Frankly I’m appalled by the shallowness of the political debate on healthcare, from both major parties. Time to vote independent.


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