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    Most Peculiar Mama

    “…online social media is being exploited by the tobacco industry…”

    Unlike say, motor racing.

    And I can’t quite understand how today’s incorruptible youth can be so world-savvy and switched-on on one hand, yet be gullibly beholden to simplistic marketing strategies on the other.

    Maybe Becky’s study will explore these issues?

    “…dodgy tobacco online marketing…”

    Could you explain what exactly it is that is “dodgy” about online tobacco marketing?

    Is it illegal?

    Or does morality divergence now constitute a criminal act in the world you and Becky share?

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    Captain Col

    Rather than attack the perfectly legal tobacco industry, why not attack the governments that allow it to be legal. Oh I see. Too big an issue. No chance of a win there. The only way to attack legal tobacco usage is to attack the idiots that use it or preferably, that start to use it (acknowledging the addictive nature). Oooops. Another bridge too far.

    I can’t see any wins which aim only at the evil of the industry, which survives somehow with restrictions no other industry has to wear. The only thing that will work is a long term adjustment of community attitudes that is already happening in more educated societies.

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    I complained about a ciggarette ad on facebook at the start of the month that was in my sidebar as targeted advertising.


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