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    Hey Ben, thanks for the post. I’m up on the Queensland coast, the dust storm is just coming through now (cough). After checking out Vic Govt site (below) I’ve uncovered some initial facts on the health implications.

    Exposure and health effects of dust storms
    The most common symptoms experienced during
    a dust storm are irritation to the eyes and upper
    airways, which may:
    • trigger allergic reactions and asthma
    • cause serious breathing-related
    Also check out this link

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    Liquid Len

    I consider not being able to see Sydney a bonus from the West, blow hard on the blow hards. 🙂

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    Ben Harris-Roxas

    Good links Howie. The NSW EHB also has a fact sheet that might be of interest to people:

    There was also an article in Australian Family Physician a few years ago that had “six steps to protect you from pollution”, many of which are relevant in dust storm conditions:

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    Heathdon McGregor

    Hopefully this dust storm signifies,as the melbourne dust storm in 1983(?) the easing of a drought.

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    Another health effect of the dust storm belatedly occurred to me last night as I looked at the muddy water coming out of my kitchen tap. For those of us in the country who rely on rainwater tanks for our households, the storm may have moved on but we will be living with the dust for a while yet. Apart from what it might mean for gastro health, I’m wondering what it might do to my washing machine!
    – Melissa Sweet (Croakey moderator)


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