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    Interestingly, would these plain packaging laws have an effect on the cigarettes vending machines? They could still advertise on the outside, and have the packets without branding. The vending machines would just replace the individual packets..

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    Michael Rynn

    Its taken lifetimes of disease statistics and health costs, and lobbying work to restrict smoking, and reduce the profits of big tobacco. Tobacco advertising has all but disappeared. Plain packets are a good next step.

    Progress is still too slow. To hell with the addictive drug profiteers. The next step must be confiscation of all tobacco company profits, for the treatment of tobacco related disease.

    If only we could be as successful in taxing and cutting carbon emissions.

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    Labor have lied over and over about Tobacco and the research backing alot of their statements is pathetic high school dribble. Yes tobacco is bad, but saying it is the leading cause of premature death and disease is straight out wrong and the now reigning #1; obesity is barely targeted at all… Furthurmore tobacco smokers are a supply of major positive tax inflows, whereas obese people are not. Why are they being marginalised so much? I just returned from Japan where 50% of males smoke, they still lead average mortality age and are one of the healthiest countries, if not the healthiest in the world.

    When I was there talking to locals one man said to his groups amazement that they didn’t even trust Australians with the tobacco’s strength, the cause of much ire for him and his buddies. (Nicotine, tar and CO2 levels have been banned from display on packets so people don’t think lighter cigarettes are better) His normal red coloured packet of cigarettes were unavailable so he decided on a red packet here in australia. His 6mg Larks did not prepare him for the 16mg Peter Jackson and like someone who just took a swig of a vodka instead of a beer he felt ill.

    Now imagine the problem when colours arn’t even displayed… Stop going nuts on Tobacco! This will hurt tourism, many of our top countries have 50%+ male smokers (and guess who makes the holiday decisions).

    Acadamic capitals in the US, Germany, Tokyo etc. etc. have tobacco advertising in public and smoking indoors -> Australia looks like the least laidback strictest place in the world – a contrasting picture for incoming tourists who without doubt make decisions on an activity they enjoy several times during the day.

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    Abbott is silent on the issue, undoubtely hoping it will somehow go away.Well, it won’t, since the ads are due to start this weekend.
    I think it is much more of an own goal for Abbott and the Liberals then for the tobacco industry, since it’s crystal clear that coalition and former Howard government employees have been instrumental in getting this campaign together in the first place.
    I can not imagine this explicitly anti-labor campaign could have happened without the coalition candidate knowing about it.

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    gplay — where to begin … tobacco is still #1 cause of death, but even if it was #2 ot #15, what’s your point? That we should only address #1? So long to action on every other health problem by that logic. Not very smart. Smokers pay taxes, yes. Is your point that we therefore should encourage more smoking? I don’t smoke, but I spend my money on other commodities which are taxed as well. There is zero evidence that smoking restrictions hurt tourism. Let me know if you want to play duelling evidence and I ‘ll drown you in data.

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    Thank you Mr. P Morris, Mr Bata and Mr. Imperial. Tobacco control never usually becomes a vote winner in an election, it gets drowned out by other issues.

    With your lovely friend Sheryle, who admits that her own son smokes (see Lateline), you have ensured that smoking is now a hot election topic! We win – you lose.

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    Simon Chapman, I make international tourism decisions often based on or partially on tobacco restrictions in the destination country.

    Eating and smoking together for example is something I enjoy and even in individual high airflow booths such a thing wouldn’t be possible in Queensland. Smart?

    Do you think Tobacco smokers don’t care about the raft of legislation and the negative stigmatisation and stereotyping that goes along with it. The conservative bull that has propelled Australia into the stricted position in the world? No joke this and the alcohol restrictions contributes to young professionals leaving after attaining degrees, I meet them across the world with similar stories.


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