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    mc headly

    So the guy is a self-promoter. So what?

    Not really a story here, eh.

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    Jon Hunt

    I beg to differ. It appears he is promoting what could potentially be an unsafe practice (not using sunscreen) when there is no evidence (from anybody other than himself) that this is true. Kind of false advertising, excepting that the consequences of this false advertising could be, even if perhaps not likely, lethal. I don’t think this is a simple case of self-promotion. More a case of promoting oneself at the expense of other people’s health. If you think that’s okay, well good for you!

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    Melissa Sweet

    Melissa Sweet

    A Croakey correspondent sent in this post script: Dr Dingle was on Today Tonight on 23 Dec. The segment was very biased towards him, and basically turned into an advertorial, with slides of Soleo and Sunclear products displayed. Video is here: In top right corner, click on ‘sunscreen scare’.

    One hour after the Today Tonight segment, Dr Dingle appeared on Channel 7 in an ad flogging Mountain Breeze air purifiers!

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    Jon Hunt

    Dingle bells, dingle bells…, where have I heard that before?

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    Robert Frith

    I’ve just read Dingle’s paper “How toxic is your sunscreen?”. As far as evidence goes 104 references are cited. No products are promoted. Some dietary advice is given.
    The question about the safety of suncreens has been asked in this household for years, it’s good to have some answers available.


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