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    Mikkonen and Raphael’s Facts has much relevance for both Australians and people in the USA. Australia is close to being the healthiest nation and an article in the Medical Journal of Australia asks the question what would it take? (Ring, I. T. and J. F. O’Brien (2007). “Our hearts and minds – What would it take for Australia to become the healthiest country in the world?” Medical Journal of Australia 187(8): 447-451.) So perhaps the ideas in the Canadian Facts coupled with the Henry Review might make that a possibility.

    The USA stands in stark contrast with its people dying younger than pretty well all the other rich nations and some poor ones despite spending half of the world’s health care bill (see Bezruchka, S. (2010). Epidemiological Approaches to Population Health. Staying alive : critical perspectives on health, illness, and health care. D. Raphael, M. H. Rioux and T. Bryant. Toronto, CSPI: 13-40. under resources at the Population Health Forum’s website: ).

    The Canadian Facts is a prescription for attaining health in a nation that requires the people to demand dispensing the cure!

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    Well you’re bet was right. Some of the Henry Report’s recommendations had the potential to significantly influence the social determinants of health but they’ve been ignored. So we really should be looking at a ‘Marmot Review’ process in this country as a means to highlight and act on the relevant recommendations. Because clealry, equity in health and social justice generally have been ill served by the government’s failure to act.


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