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    While some might see the Pfizer logo and think, “Oh, Pfizer must make a wonderdrug combination pill” (How nice. I wonder if I can get some).
    Others are just as likley to think, “Oh, Pfizer must make a wonderdrug combination pill” (what bastards, they just want me to buy their drugs).

    Kosky’s own reaction shows that some people are going to have the latter reaction.

    The ad doesn’t mention the particular product, so it’s still up to the patient to go and have a conversation with their doctor – which is a good thing to encourage, regardless of any potential ulterior motive on Pfizer’s behalf.

    Without placing their logo on this ad, they’d be in hot water for conducting some sort of covert viral campaign.

    Should we ban pharmacos from conducting disease and/or treatment awareness campaigns that they have related therapeutic goods for? I don’t think anyone would really “win” from such a ban.


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