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    Jim Hyde

    I spent years sas a senior Health bureaucrat in NSW and Victoria trying to raise the profile of equity in health and promoting policies that tackled health inequalities, and this outcome saddens me no end. I could never get traction on the evidence that suggested we should change our practices and programs and do more to link Govt and community initiatives to equity focussed actions

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    John Mendoza

    Good on you for raising the issues around equity. As anyone who has been involved in health care policy and analysis knows, Australia’s health care arrangements (its not a system, more shamozzole) is falling the very people who need it most. If you are indigenous, if you live in rural or remote Australia (or for that matter many low income urban areas), if you need dental work, if you have mental health problems, or god forbid, have all of these characteristics, then you are in the lucky dip category. No universal care for you.
    Take this, albeit extreme example, of the gross inequities in access to medicare subsided psychiatry services. If you live in Blacktown, an LGA with a population of 330,000 people, then there are no (that is nil, zip, zero, zilch) psychiatrists practicing in your LGA. But if you live 40 kms away in Mosman LGA – population 32,500, then there are a mere 2100 mediate subsided psychiatrists available to you. Leaving aside your capacity to pay the out-of-pockets coast – now among the highest in the world – the good folk of Blacktown have to pack a lunch and head off across town to find a private provider or wait until they are suicidal or homicidal to et access to the public mental health services.
    The point I’nm making is that any analysis of an entire health care system is very limited. It does not account for the daily human experiences of care and if you have chronic, multiple conditions, mental health disorders or numerous other illnesses, then do not expect to get the world’s second best care. Expect far, far less.

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    John Mendoza

    Sorry that should be “100 medicare-subsided psychiatrists available to you”


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