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    Trevor Kerr

    If that’s the Helen Owens who is from KPMG and was on Productivity Commission, then she is on the Board of Southern Health in metro Melbourne.
    Stoelwinder and Dwyer were at Southern Health, where a shelter company – Kitaya Holdings – preserves some important commercial operations, including Jessie Macpherson private hospital, which is intimately co-located with Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.
    “Do you have private health insurance?”
    It will be interesting to compare costs for common procedures, like coronary stenting and joint replacements, in both institutions. It would be interesting to know whether those surgeons who make decisions on costs (like hardware) for Southern Health declare their associations with private hospitals as conflicts of interests.

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    Trevor Kerr

    Drifting onto the Identity issue, a recent paper by Jesper Johansson explains why “There is huge value in being the identity provider and no value at all in being the relying party.”

    If Medicare is going to be the Health Identity provider, it will accumulate data that’s of huge commercial value. Pharmaceutical companies may wish, instead, to gather data on medications separately, by their own broker, so they can compete for it with their own peers at rates they can be agreed upon.

    So, it’s curious that DoHA has chosen to not publish submissions to the
    Call for submissions: Healthcare identifiers and privacy legislative proposals
    when there ought to be a lot of public interest in sharing all kinds of concerns, technical and social.


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