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    Jon Hunt

    There has been many reports on child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities, the latest I am aware of is the Mulligan Report in SA. Not surprisingly they are very similar. The problem is that the recommendations on these reports are not fully followed through, and in the case of the “little children” report they are used for their own political purposes which I would say is equivalent to further abuse. As for the perpetrators, social dysfunction and opportunity means that Aboriginal people themselves are included in this group, but in my experience so too are foster parents and anybody else with the opportunity and inclination who access to this group of very vulnerable children.

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    Journalists regularly cover these stories. At the SMH, Joel Gibson covering indigenous affairs and Mark Metherall on health policy do an excellent job, as does Tony Koch at the Australian. The ABC, particular local radio, is exemplary in its coverage. If Melissa Sweet actually read newspapers or listened to the ABC, rather than posting silly blogs, she might find herself enlightened.

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    Jon Hunt

    Well, Mark, I think the sarcasm is probably not really called for and not conducive to good discussion. She’s not alone in her opinions.

    I agree that the ABC coverage is quite good; it was the only place I could find any mention of the lack of opal fuel at yalata, more than two years after promised. Was this reported in any of the newspapers you mentioned?

    Certainly the SA newpapers gave this story a miss. After all it is only about helping kids and adolescents to not pickle their brains, so, quite rightly, they must have thought it wasn’t important enough to publish.


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