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    Jon Hunt

    Well, yes. Why not?

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    Trevor Kerr

    Would the declaration “does not hold shares in vaccine companies and does not accept payment from them for consultation” be enough to satisfy the standard for publication in the BMJ, Lancet or NEJM?

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    I got my jab a few months ago. I was inclined to anyway, as I understood the argument from the 1918 pandemic that it’s the second go-round that’s the killer (pardon the pun).

    This was reinforced by talking to an ambo friend who’d taken young, fit (no underlying conditions) people to hospital who later died. Concentrates the mind wonderfully!

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    Richard Wilson

    In my view the vaccination appears to have already clouded this doctor’s thinking.
    Vaccination for certain situations may have benefits but according to many experts H1N1 has a decidedly suspect history. It predecessor H1N1 virus marketed in the US back in the 1976, according to US 60 Minutes in a 1978 story (still relatively reliable back in those days), was far less dangerous than the vaccine which killed 25 times more people than the virus; plus the admitted 10,000-20,000 patients who experienced serious side effects. The real number may have been many times that. The result was that after 40 million doses had been administered the campaign was promptly withdrawn.

    According to US patent reports, the new H1N1 virus was patented by a US corporation six to nine months before the first Mexican outbreak and many experts including several Australian researchers are casting serious doubts on the whole deal. Virologist Dr. Adrian Gibbs and his co-researchers have suggested it may have been a “lab error” resulting in this recombination. However, professional journalists like Austrian Jane Burgermeister having reported that a vigilant Czech lab discovered live virus present in the vaccine shipped unsecured to Czech Republic. She is crying “foul play” and has laid criminal charges against the labs involved along with the WHO.

    The parents of the genes that comprise the virus come from man, bird and pig and the probability of this being a natural combination is slim without innocent or not so innocent intervention.

    But not to worry Dr. Suss, the South Australian Public Health Bill 2009 introduced into that state’s parliament late in 2009 “provides for a compulsory scheme of clinical examination, counseling, treatment orders and detention or isolation orders if you are suspected of having a disease (like swine flu). So, if you want to experience Nazi Germany 21st Century style, I guess you need go no farther than South Australia. I wonder whether the writer practices in SA? Incidentally, in the totalitarian USA, many workers are forced into mandatory vaccinations against their will – it’s either take the shot or pack your bags! Proposed S.A. legislation proves it can also happen here.

    And when you hear agents promulgating vaccination for all, try to ignore the brave and powerful work presented by Robert F Kennedy Jr. on the government cover up of the effects of mercury (thimerosol), a major component of most vaccines, on levels of autism in the population. Its rise to 1 in around 100 in the US with one in five children in that sad nation now being classified as having “special needs” happens to coincide with the introduction and subsequent ramping up of vaccinations especially among new born infants. So before you listen to any professional about what is good for you and your family, read Robert Kennedy’s article in Rolling Stone in 2005 called “Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity”

    All these campaigns have involved a high level of fear mongering and if not for Australian’s healthy distrust for authority, we may have gotten into more trouble than we have to date. Be on the lookout for the next beat-up – it will be worth a packet to the local vaccine industry but in my opinion, you and your family may not be so fortunate.

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    Too right Richard, I’ll use Rolling Stone for all future medical advice and ignore trained health professionals who no doubt can be relied upon to provide cutting edge entertainment news instead.


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