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    Ben Harris-Roxas

    What would constitute the “data” that they’re talking about?

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    I don’t know what Mark was told, but if history is any guide, I’d assume the emphasis would be on quality and safety data. Those are the concerns traditionally raised when “others” are perceived as impinging on medicine’s domain. Another approach to data might be to look at what are the community’s biggest unmet healthcare needs. This approach might conclude that medicine’s trend to super specialisation is exacerbating rather than alleviating unmet needs.

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    Doctor Whom

    The doctors aren’t the only problem in any reform they may not even be the be the biggest problem. Nurses are always enthusiastic about reforms that seem to take tasks from doctors and give them to nurses.

    But nurses are far less enthusiastic about reforms that take tasks from nurses and give them to physios, or OTs or god forbid Allied Heath Assistants or even worse technicians who specialise.

    I was at one specialised hospital in Europe a couple of months ago they employ very very few nurses and those they do are seen as clinical managers most work is done by technicians – most of them from catergories we haven’t even head of here..

    We need technicians trained at TAFE level for Diabeties programs, Smoking ceasation, Cancer support, Obesity and weight loss fitness programs, monitoring of elderly and those with chronic illness.

    we need to stop wasting GPs time with appointments for repeat scripts, appointments for work medical certificates, and even interpretation of results that can be done by others in consultation with the GP who should also be in consultation with Specialists.

    If we sort a lot of the old guild/turf wars out in health we can probably get by on the GPs we have now.


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