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    Doctor Whom

    Medicare Select seems to be a whipping post [Allman Brothers reference here: “solid framework of a song that lends itself to thousands of possibilities in terms of solo expansion. .” ]

    I don’t remember Medicare Selects originators suggesting it would solve all system or personal ills. Some supporters have picked up on the issue of consumer “choice” between competing funds, but to me that seems a small part of any attractions it might have.

    Detractors of Medicare Select appear to prefer a straw insurance fund and criticise the building of a two tiered system when the central aim of MS is to abolish the current two or three tiered system and for MS to be a universal insurance – an improvement on what we have.

    Whatever Medicare Select could be, and so far it’s only an idea in the raw, it certainly won’t be able to solve cross system problems.

    The post above hits the nail on the head when it says:

    “In mental health it needs to be about establishing evidence-based sustainable models of community care in which health, employment, education and other services each play a role.”

    Mental Health has struggled for years to get more than grudging acceptance in mainstream health services. There is a danger that with the increased acceptance in the acute sector that all aspects of psychiatric illness will be medicalised.

    Sure we could do with more medical attention to the alarming state of physical health of those with chronic and severs psychiatric illness before they die or end up with multiple physical disabilities, from diabeties, COPD, heart problems, Abdominal obesity Metabolic Syndrome (Hypertriglyceridemia, Low HDL, High blood pressure, High fasting blood glucose ) in addition to mental illness.

    But the big effort is needed in the areas that are not normally within the heart of any health spending: In housing, education, employment, self management, acceptance and inclusion, not to forget carer support.

    No insurance or health payments system will ever provide for all of the above.


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